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Rachel Beatty is an amazing Mother to 4 children, Wife, Leader and knows where she is going and how to get there - A must watch!

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Drive brand new Peugeot or Mercedes Benz cars HOW!

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With FM Cosmetics, Below!!

  • Story 1   Hazel's Story-Single Mum, FM Group 
  • Story 2   Irena Oliver- FM Diamond Orchid  
  • Story 3   Anita's FM Cosmetics Success Story  
  • Story 4   Lucy's FM Cosmetics Story
  • Story 5   Doris's FM Success Story
  • Story 6   Daniels Success Story FM 
  • Story 7   Birute Ian's FM Success Story  
  • Story 8   Keith's FM Group Success Story  
  • Story 9   Carol & Chris's FM Success Story
  • Link 10   More! FM Group Testimonials

Keith is a painter and decorator by trade 

and was looking to find a way out of working extremely long hours in a dirty environment. Listen to his Testimonial. Watch The Video 

Anita My Story with FM GROUP
Here is an amazing story from Anita. From being employed at FM Distribution Centre for three years - now setting out to achieve some of the financial benefits of being an independent distributor herself.

Hazel Cole - Shy single Mum wanted to find some extra income so that she didn't need to leave her baby daughter with other people while she went to work.

 Marie's Story UK Testimonial - Amazing Story , Watch Now!

Testimonial, Birute & Ian have understood this can be a family business which has brought them together to grow their business faster & stronger. Watch There Story

Daniel Oke

FM Business Owner & UK Success Story

Watch Short Video

David & Marilynn's 


Above Testimonial - David & Marilynn

want to get themselves out from their own traditional stationary business that doesn't give them anytime quality time with their children, so decided to look more into the FM Business,  Joined, and the rest is history..

 Above ...  Carol & Chris's Story UK
Below: Lucy's UK Cosmetics Testimonial,

Lucy, as a graduate from university had big dreams for herself and her new family, but the reality of life was a huge struggle for this ambitious young woman with mouths to feed and to bills to pay. She recently received a brand new Mercedes from FM and has gone on to become Golden Orchid in a very short time.  LEARN MORE!

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